​​​​​                 Founded by Joshua in 2004, The business of Padlock Grin has always been to deliver hard driving, ass-kickin’, balls to the wall rock. Flavored with the heavy influence of Southern Rock’s strong vocals and polished guitar work, Padlock Grin takes to the stage with a high energy show that screams Hell Yeah! That same energy pours from the studio tracks that strike a nerve with audiences in every Padlock Grin venue. We’re talking original material that hits the target dead-center. 

 With the release of their second CD “Between The Lines”, this band continues to put strong stories on top of masterful rock licks while delivering messages to their undeniably the pulse of rock. New songs “Be Just Fine”, “Between The Lines”, and “When You Fall” expose the audience to a new stronger creative side of Padlock Grin. These guys have rocked audiences of college students to good ol’ boys at the factory, in venues along the south eastern region from local clubs to large events. These guys were born with guitars and drumsticks in their hands, and the sound is as natural as breathing!

"The songs are very solid and each have something that will appeal to a lot of people. The production quality is great.
      At first it reminds me of Nickelback and then it kind of goes 70's metal."
Padlock Grin was voted one of the "Top 20 Bands In the State" by Esente Music Group, resulting in an appearance on "Tennessee Rockers 2010 : A Drunk Driving Prevention Compilation ​Available for FREE download  here.
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"Man, Padlock Grin rocks!....."that's all I got to say about that" (Forest Gump) and nice to hear the guitar solo again...todays rock lacks the infamous solos....great job!"
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Great writers, performers, great timing, great stage presence, great vocals, the two lead guitar players did some sweet harmonics, the bass player had a solid platform with the drummer. The drummer had excellent control of tempo, timing, and keeping everyone synched with the breaks and pace. Nice guys. They are very talented. Great performance!
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